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Originally Posted by Sea Dangles View Post
This may be true.
On the first hole.....

But if you are jigging and looking for fish it would not be close. My guess is if we were drilling side by side is I would be done with 10 and you might be over 5.
Maybe...Maybe not. I Did 10 holes in a foot and a half of ice on Saturday in about 15 minutes with it.

Not knocking power augers, kinds playing devil's advocate here....but once I got this I basically haven't touched my power auger other than using it with the scouts on a campout.

Big difference in price....maybe use the savings to pick up a flasher
Jiffy Auger - $500
Nils - $125

Big difference in weight too....especially if you are planning on running and gunning...

Jiffy Auger - 28 Lbs.
Nils - 4 lbs

There's pluses for both.....

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