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I guess I'm the New Guy

My name is Elliot, and I'm a recent addition to the CSA & Grew up in eastern PA fishing small trout streams and bass lakes. Been living in central CT for about 5 years now, and a few good friends got me back into fishing after taking several years "off."

I thought we were a group of pretty hardcore fishermen until the CSA meeting last week when someone said they fished 220+ days in 2014. I'm not that hardcore. I do however try to find fishing year-round. Spin & fly fishing for salmon & steelhead during the winter (wife is from Buffalo), fly fishing for trout in the spring, surf casting for bass in the summer, and kayaking for tog in the fall.

My #1 goal for 2015 is to catch a nice bass on the fly this year. I've witnessed the cinder worm "hatch" two years in a row now and not been successful. I also picked up a Hobie Kayak this past summer, so I'll be on the lookout for some other 'yak guys to join once in a while.

Anything else you guys wanna know?
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