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Originally Posted by Rob Rockcrawler View Post
I did the snatch a few weeks ago , so that sounded a bit funny, but it worked. I got a nice gamakatsu octopus stuck in my finger with it attached to a 30 pound tackle box, im sure the folks on the other side of the canal knew what just happened. After i got it out of the tackle box i cut bout 4 feet of 45 pound mono, doubled it up and put it around the hook at the bend. I had the old lady push down on the shank to make it come out close to the same way it went in. I didnt exactly snatch it out, it was more of a steady pull, i was too freaked out to yank it. It was nasty looking, the skin was pulled up quite a bit then there was a nice pop and a splash of blood on my shirt, a few choice words, wrapped it up in my bandana and got a tetnus shot. The doc said it looked pretty good. They still push it thru. Now i carry a small bottle of iodine, bacitracin, gauze and tape in my plug sack, so i can keep fishing.
LOL,they knew on the other side when I got stuck last summer!!, did the snatch thing myself with pliers. I thought to myself, "I wonder what my Grand father would do," my uncle said he would have cut his finger off, I wasn't going there. blood loss wasn't too bad. kept fishing for the day.
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