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Joining the Yak ranks

I bit the bullet today at the RISSA show and put a deposit down on a Hobie PA14, so now I have to figure out what options I need and what the hell I need to purchase in the way of clothing and safety gear. I suspect these things aren't crazy wet, but I doubt they are bone dry either, so I have to figure out the clothing thing for various seasons. Fresh water will be easy, it's the salt that I suspect will be wetter, although I've bass fishing lakes where the wakes from skiers and nut jobs will rock even an 19 footer.

Hope to hook up with some fellow SB yakers this year too. I certainly will enjoy the Westport River and know it well and Barnstable in May I think is a must have. I'd would like to hit the black sea bass in early spring, but will need to find some closer ramps, not like I'm launching in Wareham and making that long paddle out to fish outside the west end of the canal or up by bird island.
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