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Originally Posted by Yudi View Post
Thanks Ian,

So, yes, one of the reasons for joining is all the BS on one of those other sites. The other is that of all the people I've learned the most from over time were/are CSA members. When I say learn, I do not mean people that just spout opinion or tell you that you cannot do this or you have to have that....I mean a real explanation of the scenario and how and why they have formed their opinion. I can learn from that and I still do.

I do live in CT. I'm in Tolland, work in E. Hartford, so pretty close to your home. I grew up in Madison (late 70's and 80's). I learned a lot from Pat Abate during those years (Dad too), he was a neighbor (of my fishing buddy and I was about a mile from him). We spent a lot of time down in his shop.

Toby Lapinski got me in touch with the rod builder I'm using. Toby has given me solid advice and helped me out quite a few times. The person I have building the rod has been excellent and very patient with me. I have learned a lot during this process. He is also a CSA member.

Last year at a certain point off of the CTR, I was out there with about 5 or 6 other guys. They all knew each other from the CSA.

So, I decided to look into the CSA. I cannot join through the site, for some reason I'm blocked from that, but I plan to attend at least some meetings and plan to join, while I'm at one of them. But the CSA site did lead me here.

So, what are my goals? Well, I have been fishing for bass for 30 or so years, but I find that no matter what... you are faced with new challenges every season and you never stop learning in this sport. That's really the biggest draw. Sure catching is great, but fishing is what draws me in...and if you want to keep getting better, then you best pay attention to the experiences of other knowledgeable fisherman.
I like those goals! With that mindset you'd fit right into the CSA! Welcome aboard.

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