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It's almost that magical time of year when I close my eyes and see green crack flying all around my brain, in and out, here and gone!

I'm addicted, I have issues, those silly little things might have ruined my life

After a couple years of lurking, I figured I would finally join this site, seems like a really good group of guys here. Also with every passing year I find myself fishing further and further east for those fish with stripes, (unfortunately i live in western ct).

I enjoy the surf the most, with the sound and swells of mother nature singing and rocking me to sleep nightly. I got a wetsuit 2 years ago, and it was the best thing I've ever done for my surf casting. Besides every single pair of waders I've owned has leaked after 6 months anyway

I do have a kayak, and still fish out of it from time to time, i wouldn't mind getting out there in it...

I grew up flyfishing, so i still enjoy the flyrod for albies, and occasional bass.

I pretend to paint as well....

that's about all I got

tight lines all, hopefully this year for hardtails is half as good as last year

If you see someone alby hunting with a black dog by their side, say hi! Alby dog is very friendly! Alby dog licked em in 3 states last year, we are hoping for a repeat this year
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