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Originally Posted by Guppy View Post
Wow and Wow
On the ice! :-) nice... Couldn't find the 2300 Chris

Rock I'd b interested
OK once I'm ready you got first dibbs... it's a 8" STX powered by a 2 hp techemseh about 5 years old... It has a power head cover that zips up over it... I added a muffler guard ( after burning my $300 ice suit) I've got a spare carburetor and multiple re build kits for that walboro carb... I'm running a Zam carb.. on it now because IMHO it is better suited ( used on Oregon chain saws)for cold climates than the plastic made in Pakistan carb ( walboro)... I've got spare blades and enough oil for a few years supply... Speaking of Oil.. this engine has only had Amisoil synthetic and I run it @ 100:1.. the oil and gas can as well as a 10" auger extension all are going with it..

I'll be looking for $300.. this thing looks and rund=s better than new... when it "officially" goes on sale I'll post pictures in the proper forum..

A good run is better than a bad stand!
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