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"Tropical" or NE IPA style and pleasant surprise

Just tried Fort Hill Fresh Pick. Very pleasantly surprised. Very good! Not sure of the overall availability to most of you but they are out of western ma, easthampton to be exact and local to me. My first impression of this brewery was so-so as they started out doing strictly german style lagers .... not so much my style. Didnt think they were bad beers per se , just not my favorite style. Brewery itself is actually a pretty impressive facility. Have not had one of their beers since I visited when they first opened because my impression was "meh" (again probably mostly due to style preference) but tonight I tried their Fresh pick and it reminds me very much of treehouse and Lost nation mosaic (which is also very good in my opinion).

Moral of my story...try it if you can,, if your into this IPA style. I had sort of sworn off this brewery's beers because of my first impression but I was very impressed with this one and willing to now give their others beers another shot, not something I thought I would do until now. Not to mention a six pack 12 oz cans @ $9.99 for this quality was rather unexpected considering the going rate of comparable beers go for $14 for 4-16 oz cans.

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