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Well I did it! Went to a local dealer and now am a proud kayak owner! Looked at the Hobies, Ocean Kayaks, and some other brands as well.

Got the Ocean Trident 13 Angler on a big time discount. Some hobies were in my price range but I just fell in love with the Trident. My knees just won't handle the pedaling so that took a lot out of the picture. Didn't care much for the Quest. The owner of the shop was a diehard Hobie himself and really walked me through it all.

Now the main thing I'm concerned about is storage! No garage, it'll be outside on some milk crates or some wood but I'd like it to be sealed (with the gardens around we get a lot of things that like to make nests and hives).

What do you guys use to store your yaks in? Been looking at covers and those things are pricey.

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