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Plugfest Feb. 11th 2017 is on!

Once again we will have a plugfest this year. It will be at Monument Beach Sportsmans club in Monument Beach Mass. Address is 199 MacArthur Blvd. Monument Beach, MA 02553

It is just over the Bourne Bridge down about 3/4 or a mile when you see a sign for Majors RV, be sure to be in the left lane to turn around at the turn off stop sign, then take the first right into the entrance for both the landfill and the Sportsmans club, go in the driveway to the left before the dump. Park and walk left to the clubhouse. The gate should be open, if not call my cell. I will get there by 8 , start around 8:30 or 9

We won't have a bartender so no booze or beer please.
There is a kitchen to warm food up and we should all bring some potluck, at least the locals anyway.

Bring your plugs, ideas, new techniques or anything else you can contribute with. We will have a good time.

Only a month and a week to go, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks

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