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bottle plugs - what angle do they float at ?

I've done some searches and read Mr Pogie's old thread on bottles. I turned a bunch of bodies last weekend in a couple different sizes.

I have an old 2 oz gibbs (brass wire) that I floated to see what angle it floats at, figuring if I get that angle right and the head right I should be ok.

This is an old 2 oz Gibbs, it floats at an angle with the lip above the water. I know my plastic superstrikes sit lower in the water.

Can anyone tell me how the older 3 hook gibbs sat ? I think in my searches I had read that it has 1/4" lead going all the way to the back of the front hook hole but I will have to experiment based on the bodies I turned and figured I'd be better off just adding lead til they sit right.
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