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Originally Posted by dannyplug1 View Post
Over the winter I purchased some old musso wood darters. I sanded them bare and want to repaint and re rig them. My question is how long do I soak them for sealing and how long do I wait to paint. I use a solution of 70% helmsman poly and 30% thinner. Thanks for your help Charlie.
I'd soak them about an hour. When you paint them also use a q-tip and swirl some primer inside the hook holes. The plugs are still sealed inside the wire hole and hook hole unless you redrilled. It is water absorption through end grain that is the concern since that exposes the open ends of the wood tubules. The surface of the plug will be well sealed by paint and clearcoat. Even when this gets torn by hookswing water absorption is not major issue since the sides of the wood fibers themselves are not very permeable.
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