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Originally Posted by albythereforyou View Post
last night I went looking in some 65 degree water and man i found the motherload of bunker and super dink bass feeding on worms. I could watch the bunker moving in the current actively eating worms (or just eating some plankton around them, but it sure looked like there were eating them). got a dozen or so super dink bass (barely larger then a bunker), and about 6 bunker hooked in the mouth on the fly.

I had my surf rod with me, so I livelined a bunker for 45 minutes with not a whiff. its so sad how #^&#^&#^&#^&ty the surf fishing in the western sound is.
That's awesome stuff. Surf fishing has been pretty bad in RI also. I've been doing good in the boat but even there, you need to put your time in.

No boat, back in the suds.
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