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NORKS rev2

Kim is prepping for another launch of ICBM which has an estimated range to hit US from Houston to DC and north. Plus another SLBM (really not a threat as his sub would not make it in range but offers limited second strike against Souel, Tokyo).

Many smart people are believing he has most if not all the ducks lined up to make a complete start to finish nuke attack via ICBM (hey if he launches 5 and 2 work start to finish it is a success). So he is within reach of a viable Nuke attack on the US soil.

In our defense, we have the GBI system in Alaska that may or may not be able to intercept a NORK ICBM. The system is over 50% reliable, more so lately, but some could get through (assuming a launch of 20 ICBM)

And for the moment ignore EMP (and before y'all think I am nuts, there are several Guvmint working groups on this google: High Impact Threats to Critical Infrastructure ) though that would have disastrous consequences.

So Kim has announced for countries not to worry about his nuke program as it is only for use against the US. Might be bluff , or not.

What does the US do?

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