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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
Pence said that radical Islamic terror groups also persecute members of other non-Christian faiths and even Muslims who do not share their version of Islam.

But Pence didnt call that Genocide he called it persecution ... why is that?

What does that have to do with this video in this thread? The video was not about Pence or why he calls something genocide or persecution. Why do you bring up Pence and what he calls something in this thread? Why not discuss the video?

another story to feed the religious right here in the states .. for Votes

I don't see any evidence in the video that it was aimed at the religious right. It was even said in the video that the religious right was and is already heavily pro-conservative. The efforts being made at this time to help the Christians who are being slaughtered has mostly been coming from the religious right, well before this video was released.

The Person being interviewed in this video, Ezra Levant, is Jewish. The interviewer, Stefan Molyneux, is an atheist. Neither has a personal investment or attachment to the religious right. The video portrays them as reacting to a genocide which is attracting little attention and should be addressed at the least as a humanitarian issue. And they share the opinion that the Christians threatened with death because of their religion should be getting the refugee status and relief which they claim is not being equally given.

What that has to do with getting votes is rather hazy, since neither party seems to particularly care about the issue. That you don't care is your prerogative. But why deflect from the message of the video and make a political issue out of it?

Christians from Iraq or Syira or any place in the middle east are not welcome in the united states because they are Iraqi and Syiran
The video points out that they are less welcome in the U.S. and Europe and by U.N. action than are Iraqi and Syrian Muslims. And if they are not welcome, why is there this effort to import Iraqi and Syrian refugees at all?

Is it possible that you simply don't want to discuss the issues presented in the video. That's OK. But if you don't want that discussion, why not simply say nothing instead of talking about something else?
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