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Media in General

I think I'd rather watch American Pickers or a Friends or Mash rerun than the same crap on local news, CNN or MSNBC. It's mentally exhausting to turn on any channel knowing that it's likely something really bad locally or globally has happened today. While I don't watch the Mountain Men series, I envy guys that might be disconnected from the constant negative news we are confronted with daily and their only worry today is did they have success in their traps.

What is it today, cops shooting someone reaching for his license as requested, school shootings by a teen who's parents that can't imagine little Johnny having those emotional troubles, vans or trucks running down innocent tourists trying to enjoy their hard earned vacations; or the latest missile launch and chest pounding rhetoric in the east vs west latest and greatest.

There are times I long for the good old days of no cell phones, family Sunday dinners over Walt Disney, little league games and a more respectful and simple life. Challenges change with each passing decade and while I know and love we are living in one of the best places on earth, the negativity at times is a bit much.

I respect ALL on this board and wish them and their extended families the very best. At times politics can bring out the best and the very worse in many, we saw that so vividly during the latest election. I think it's important to remember what this country was founded on an I honor every one's right to free speech and their opinion. I might not agree, but I welcome all to express their opinions and I hope that is a two way street.

I'm a Sci-Fi junky and I believe there are global issues coming that will require global solutions. While at times I'd like Scotty to beam me off this rock, I hope that we don't F ourselves before the major powers on this rock finally understand so much more can be done collectively. I'm lucky to be an American! I'm proud to be an American! At times I'm scared to be an American! Sad to see there is a target on our heads from within and globally.

Be healthy, be strong and as the Clammer Man suggest; enjoy what you have!

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