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I watch the news all the time, varied sources and subject matter experts as much as possible. This is one way it is easier to develop context on problems in the news. When you see CNN/FOX/MSNBCOMMIE run a story it is usually one perspective and done by the junior research staff with abounding errors. Throw in the liberal journo school bias and you have news that at best is mildly accurate and worse plain false.

We had a good run for 200 sumptin' years, I hope we can keep it. But the politicians and the people on the ground have not been this divided maybe since the 50s (1850s). I was not alive / old enough to compare the 1960s.

I did live through the 80s and saw a time as frightening as now where we traded the Fulda Gap for the Sulwaki Gap.

ISIS is not an existential threat, Norks are close in some very narrow windows of doom. RUS/PRC is a problem.
The good news is Able Archer will be tweeted. /sarc

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