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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
All of the special elections this year were in heavily Republican areas with a majority incumbent Republican I believe. The dems. though they would take him back and did not. So what does that show bc I'm not sure.

As far as Trump voters being racist certainly not every Trump voter is racist and certainly there are democratic voters who are racist. But I believe there was a backlash by the white middle-class whose skills have not kept up with a new economy and had fallen behind and view that the last 8 years with Obama minorities did better than they did. I also feel that a higher percentage of racists support the Republicans versus the Democrats.
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I don't doubt that a majority of racists ( at least a majority of white racists) who vote , vote republican. That shows you how stupid that are ( because I believe that liberalism has done far for damage to blacks than conservatism ever could), and the influence of the media, all of whom, except foxnews, claim that the republican platform is racist

As a conservative, I want to give poor blacks all the tools they need, to escape poverty. That goal , for them to escape poverty, has no political payoff for me, I want them to escape poverty bevlcause no one should be poor. Lacks who cannot help themselves, I am more than happy to help out with social programs. That's the conservative position, and it's not racist.

Liberals? They tell blacks it's not their fault, and make it impossible for them to escape poverty by crippling them, making them addicted to welfare, and paying young girls to have babies out of wedlock.

That's what liberalism has done for blacks. Whether or not it's intentionally racist is a anyone's guess, but it has been a disaster. Liberals propose more of the same for blacks. Conservatives suggest a different path. You go ahead and tell me how the latter, is racist.
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