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I didn't print the entire list, just a few I wanted to call that were more local, but the Boat Guy at $15/gallon was the cheapest, the next one on the list wanted $22 per. Probably not cost effective for a boater, but when I might only go through 5 gallons of gas a year in my yard maintenance equipment that has been the most susceptible to ethanol problems; I might consider it. One repair bill at a small engine shop is going to be $125 minimum an my blower wasn't more than that to begin with. I think I might just buy a couple gallons when I get the new Mantis tiller and if I decide to get the blower fixed. I'd probably just use it in the tiller, chain saw and blower; the mower I think for whatever reason doesn't seem to mind it.

The Boat Guy - UNBRANDED
530 Macarthur Blvd., Bourne MA

No Falmouth Hardware & Marine
91 County Rd, No Falmouth, MA; 508-564-6160;

Falmouth Airpark
67 Airpark Dr, East Falmouth, MA; 508-548-9617

Cycle Services
100 Ridgewood Ave, Hyannis, MA; 508-771-1414
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