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Originally Posted by bloocrab View Post
Milo and I headed out of there one snotty morning, flag at the dock had a stiffy, but so did said fish were stacked not far from the mouth so we were stubborn not to take warning. This was in my 13' dory, with not many horses behind us....As we made our way past the final bend and could see the ocean pulverizing the shoreline along HN beach we exchanged a few words of courage (which sometimes equates to stupidity), turned the throttle full speed and tried to push our way through........with not enough strength in my johnson, we were getting tossed and turned and not making any headway, basically getting turned sideways with the potential of getting dunked,...still not sure how, but we ended up zigging and zagging just enough to catch the right wave interval to quickly turn the boat around. Although turned around, it was still a task to get back in the river...with the river still ebbing, the draw of the ocean was pulling while the huge rollers were many of you know, we were kind of stuck for a moment...even at full throttle, we weren't moving much...a combination of catching the right rolller and zigging in the right direction, we were allowed to slowly get back in.

Definitely gave me much more respect than I ever had for that passageway. The power of the ocean is unquestionably NO JOKE and deserves all the respect one can muster.
Nothing worse than not having enough strength in your Johnson.. sorry couldn't help it.. I think any one who has been on the water a long time has had one of these incidents...experience and wisdom are a wonderful thing..

A good run is better than a bad stand!
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