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I'm currently on my third Wrangler. My dad owns what I think is his fifth. Best perk to a Wrangler is being able to get any part to fix anything. Seriously, anything. Frame recently let go on my 2000 and a kit comes from Quadratec to basically weld on and rebuild/strengthen entire frame.

That said, I will probably never buy a Jeep product that's not a Wrangler. Never heard anything but horror stories about Cherokees, grand Cherokees, or anything of their new cheaper imitations. I take that back, my dad owned a 91 Cherokee (boxy style) that was pretty solid. But I'll stand by the rest of the statement.

Grew up in a garage, dad was a racecar driver, knew how to change brakes and tires and oil before I could drive. Admittedly I'm no trained mechanic, but been pretty handy around cars my whole life.

Just my two cents.

Skillings recently owned a grand Cherokee, you can get a more hands-on opinion from him maybe?
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