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Had 2000 Grand thing I ever drove in the snow. AWD all the couldn't chirp the tires if you tried. Only had to put it into 4WD Low a couple times. It was a tank. Heated leather seats...SWEET. But, AutoZone knew me on a first name basis. The higher the mileage, the more little things would go...Thank God for You Tube videos to help me troubleshoot and fix all the little things.
Bought a new truck after the exhaust fell off, that was the last straw (couldn't fix that in my driveway) week after I got the new truck, Wife says to me" Guess what you won't be doing this weekend?"....I was like what do you mean what WON'T I be doing this weekend? She says "You won't be working on your Jeep!!" Funniest thing she ever said!!
But, I will say I did like it....
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