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There are calls being made for diversity training at the University of New Hampshire after a video posted online showed members of a sorority singing a song that included a racial slur.

The video shows members of the Alpha Phi sorority singing the song "Gold Digger." Lyrics in the Kanye West song include the N-word, and the video has sparked some strong reactions.

"It's a popular song," UNH sophomore Adam Moynihan said. "It's a good song. I don't think it was their intention. It just came off wrong."

"Regardless if it was in a song or not, it should not come out of the mouth of any white person, period," said Gabrielle Greaves, co-chairwoman of the UNH Black Student Union.

Greaves said the incident underscores a bigger issue at UNH of overall insensitivity toward matters of race concerning students of color. She said that insensitivity extends to those defending the video.

"Saying that it wasn't about race, that it's not a big issue, when students of color, specifically black students, are saying, 'This affected me,' 'I was offended,' or 'I was hurt,'" Greaves said.

"Do I think they were putting that up in a racist, malicious act? No, I don't think that it is," said Elysa Caisey, a member of the executive board for the Black Student Union. "But they should still be held accountable for what they post."

UNH issued a statement saying that the video shows poor judgment. It said the students have apologized and will play an active role in working to improve the campus climate moving forward.

"The university has a strong commitment to the First Amendment," the statement said. "We also have an obligation and a role to play in helping students understand how their words and actions might impact other members of our community."

The university said an earlier statement suggesting there would be an investigation and possible disciplinary action was not accurate.
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