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Originally Posted by nightfighter View Post
Three months of working with new materials would be nice. I spend a fair amount of time sistering, replacing, or doing Dutch for wood that was growing in the 1700s-1800s. Always fun to figure what I need to pad out when nominal is true actual size.....
I did a #^&#^&#^&#^& ton of remodel way back, but got spoiled now.
So bad I wont work on houses with people living in them, too much drama, whining about dust and mess, dogs and kids running around etc..I'm done with that. Last time a customer rudely complained about a little sawdust, I packed up and never went back. Boss didn't even question my decision. Now he knows what kind of jobs I dislike...and wants to keep me around until I retire in a few years. Smart guy and treats me very well.

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