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NFL - Part II (the week after)

Notice how many teams that were so "for the protest of the national anthem" are now back-peddling to try and save face (and fan revenue)???

I had no problem with kneeling or linking arms, as kneeling is considered a sign of respect in many religions, and linking arms is a show of camaraderie, but when teams choose to not take the field during the anthem (like the Steelers did) then THAT is a true slap in the face for every citizen and a knee to the groin for every veteran that watches the games.

All I will say is that these adult "children" don't get paid to express their political or social beliefs on the field. They get paid to play a game...PERIOD!

If you want to start protesting and bring attention to yourselves, QUIT and go into politics.
I'm sure there are quite a few REAL football players that would be willing to take your places!

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