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Great post. Hard to process, for me at least.

I'm also no huge fan of the types of guns that aren't assault rifles, but sure look like them, and the sexy look, unfortunately, fuels the fantasies of some really sick folks. But we tried a ban once, and it didn't do much.

Nothing will change until we are ready to talk about many things, including gun control; thresholds for committing the mentally ill; curbing the graphic violence in TV, movies, and video games; cutting back on the way that progressives mock traditional family values, and religion.

Personally, I think if it weren't for 5% (or so) of the population, we could all keep our doors wide open at night. I don't know if that 5% number is increasing, but I do believe they are becoming more and more wicked. I don't know if we have a larger number of people that are scary, but the scary ones that we have, are getting scarier. The Internet makes people detached from one another, we lose intimacy, which means some people will lose empathy.

I don't know. All I know is that I'm really sad.
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