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Couple things.

First, this tragedy is clearly horrible and was likely perpetrated by one persons or two at best. And the cause has yet to be determined (mental illness, grudge, whatever).

The audio surely sounds like something running full auto and reloads or switching guns. Premeditated by all accounts. Would be easier to do it with a truck, though. And where they have gun bans, trucks and pressure cookers and other improvised explosives are what they use. Crazy is going to do crazy.

Andy's point on converting to auto is spot on, think about it and get a knock on your door by people wearing threeletteragency jackets.

Could have been a bump/slide stock?? Dunno - but stupid people are going to do stupid things, particularly where people can't shoot back.

Reports are this guy had dozen plus weapons in a room rented for many days, this was a planned out premeditated disaster. He would have used some other avenue if he could not get possession of weapons.

Very, very sad and terrible.

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