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Originally Posted by tysdad115 View Post
Lol..easily converted. Go ahead and order a full auto sear , I'll wait here for your reply about the feds showing up at your door.. thousands die from cancer ,you can still buy cigarettes. Booze and cars kill more and they're still readily available..
Point is if you don't like them don't get one. And don't tell me what I can/can't own because you don't like them.
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I never told you or anyone what they can or can't own. If you can legally buy it, then you have that legal right. That however doesn't mean I agree with it, because I don't see the need to legally own assault rifles. When that next nut job blows a gasket, I would much prefer that those closest to him are dealing with a less lethal weapon and a better chance at getting out alive or that fewer lives are loss before he can be subdued.

Sure I don't know how easily a semi-automatic might be converted, but I've read it can and has been done. Not my point, but seeing your avatar, I'd expect you to be waving your NRA card in my face. Doesn't mean I don't know guns, I've hunted in the past, just found it cut into my fishing too much. Never brought down Bambi with an AR15 however and I guess my question would be what is the need for the assault rifles or anything that isn't required for the pursuit of hunting?

This guy brings 19 weapons or more into a hotel, how many fewer people do you think would have died and how much less suffering would have to be endured had he not had access to assault rifles or automatic weapons? Yes I agree with John to some extent that if he wanted to do harm and didn't have the weapons, he might have found another way, but he had access and did it his way. These lone wolfs I don't think are the terrorist trained average bomb carrying, truck driving, ready to die for alla nut job. These home grown nuts like the guns, they love the 15 minutes of fame and I'd just rather seem them with pistol or shotgun.

Hey it is America and IMHO (yeah I'm entitled to it), things have got to change when it comes to what weapons we can put in any Tom, Dick or Harry's hands.
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