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Originally Posted by tysdad115 View Post
Nowhere do "the forefathers" mention hunting in regard to the second amendment but they sure do mention a tyrannical government and I'll stick with the facts thanks.
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You are right, no mention of hunting. It does mention a well regulated militia.

I think GS is bringing up a discussion of what well-regulated militia means. Oxford dictionary states:

well-regulated, adjective
Properly governed or directed; (now) especially strictly controlled by rules or regulations.

Late 16th century; earliest use found in Geoffrey Fenton (c1539–1608), translator and administrator in Ireland. From well + regulated.

Having a discussion of where that line is a valid discussion. You have your opinion, we have ours.
Where is the line? Grenades? Tanks? Working Howitzer in your front yard?

Since Jim CT is probably the only one here who has seen what these weapons actually do to a person, so I'll weight his opinion appropriately.


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