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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post

own as many as you want they should all be there some lack of registration of legally owned guns that we're unaware of?

and stop the lie there coming to take your Guns ...who said this?

Yes its your right to own a gun what about those 59 and counting Rights not to be killed by Guns "don't tell me what I can/can't own" I am sure thats a comforting remark to the Familys ... I don't think anything could comfort those families right now

Gun owners are so afraid to say there a gun problem in this country if your a responsible gun owner as you say you are be involved the change needed or get rolled over by it ..
I think gun owners are happy to point out the "gun problems" in this country which are most often caused by crazies and center most routinely around lovely places like Chicago-this past weekend for instance(at least 32 people were shot over the weekend, including a man killed along the Chicago River on the Northwest Side and a 13-year-old boy wounded while riding his bike in Little Village on the West Side, according to police Between Friday afternoon and early Monday, at least four people were killed and 28 others wounded, police said. The weekend violence brings to at least 2,877 the number of people shot in Chicago this year. There have been at least 527 homicides..)...and that's actually an improvement over last year...not sure if the guns were registered/unregistered...or..."semi full auto"...and I doubt those families can be comforted

I'm not a gun owner by the way...could one of you guys please enumerate the "changes" you'd like to see....Jim tried and failed miserably...unless you think we can retrofit millions of guns(legal and illegal) with fingerprint technology that may or may not exist or something(which would not have stopped the vegas shooting)

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