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I look at it more as one year since not her. I am not sure how much better or worse we are as there are elements of both.

Originally Posted by spence View Post
I think the line about beating the corrupt establishment was brilliant. Consider that very Soon a lot of Trump's campaign, administration and family will be under indictment.

The subtly of his irony reminds me of George Saunders writing.
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Pretty sad when the tops of both tickets were / are in trouble with the LAW and under multiple and extended FBI investigations. The Dems ran the one person that could be beaten by most

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That's like going to the retirement home looking for Hot Chicks
Dude - stop

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peoples in boxes are on fire getting their marching orders it seems..

Having seen several of theses themed post here and on FB about the dear leaders ascendance as a date to hold scared..

I dont get this hero worship of Trump its not a good thing

.no avg person has that date circled on their calendar .. for any POTUS
Missed the Cult of Obama I see

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