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Plug building accident

Posted this on FB but know a lot of guys here donít go there so figured Iíd share it here too.


I see a lot of new plug builders only wearing safety goggles (or nothing) instead of a full face shield, cheap dust mask instead of a good respirator.

I canít stress enough proper face protection!

Hereís why:

Today while sanding filler on belly weights on my lathe, I had a .40oz round belly weight come lose from the plug and smashed my face shield so hard it cracked!

Now if been building since 2008 and have never had anything like this happen.

There must have been a small air pocket that the filler didnít get to and caused the weight to come loose. These were filled about 6-8 days ago so the filler was completely dry. I use a two part epoxy filler.

If I only had on safety goggles Iím sure that weight would have done some serious damage, it hit the face shield in the cheek/mouth area. I canít say how much damage it would have caused but it wouldnít have been pretty.

Iím so glad the guys that showed me the ropes always expressed safety as a major part of plug building, thank you.

Take this as a word of caution and invest in proper safety gear!

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