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Originally Posted by Raider Ronnie View Post
Best to mount a battery securely on trailer and have a rear power source from the truck to connect to that battery to keep it charged.
Typical Truck 15-20 ft length is pretty long run for battery cables and those winches draw some amps.
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He's using a small 3,000 pound ATV winch and should be able to power it from the truck by wiring an additional plug next to the plug for the lights.

Many 4x4s use much larger winches mounted to the bumper that run off of the trucks power without any issues.

Why spend all the worry over theft proofing an expensive battery that he will have to keep charged?

My main concern would be how well is the ATV winch protected against salt water.

I have one of the 3,000 pound ATV winches to help when cutting large oaks. They are light, small, don't draw a ton of amperage and should work well on a boat trailer.
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