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After reading all these posts I almost feel like an "odd ball"...

I had a pretty nice year even though still missing my gal...

Started off the year with a few Saltwater fishing shows on the east coast.

Then off with to a nice trip to Cutty, weather was good, company was great and fishing was slow but always fun.

Had a few trips up to the Cape with the Mako, got some nice Stripers & best year for Albies. Learned some new places ....

Headed out Toggin for the first time and have a GREAT TIME. Lost my Tog virginity.

Then went out with Cohen and ended up landing a Tuna..... That was also a first....

Had a blast in my new Basscat fishing boat......Tiaconderoga, Lake George & more. It was an absolute rush.

Did some nice Trout stream fishing at the famous Battenkill with a new Ultra light setup. Had an awesome time. Damn near petted an Osprey. Ya see he got himself a huge Brown trout which he could not lift off the stream..... so.... me being the nice guy that I am.... helped him pick it and and put it in ........ my kreel. That's the part where he got a little pissed. Eat your heart out "McGiver"....

Had another great year with the tree cutting business, I don't know how I did it cause I took more time off this yearn to fish by "lots" and still hit my goal.

So.....with that said, I can't complain.... 2017 was pretty darn good year.

I am looking to make 2108 a banner year. I am already gearing up...
I am planning on only working 3 days a week this year.... gonna try at least. So, if you happen to see a 21' White Mako out at the Cape this year.... it's most likely me. An open invitation to anyone who wishes to join me.
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