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Commercial Plug Builders Policy

I don't want to be a thread crapper here but we have noticed more than a few commercial plug builders coming to S-B lately and covertly pushing some product. As stated in the registration agreement (see below), the official S-B policy is that selling plugs through S-B, unless a Sponsor, is verboten. We do have sponsors that help keep the lights on here, supporting our sponsors is important.

Commercial Advertising without written permission from is Strictly Prohibited, this includes self promotion and promotion of external entities. This is locally considered "SPAM" and is prohibited at

Now, we have also had an understanding here that if a non-commercial builder sells a couple plugs to a fellow member -on occasion - to help offset "costs", that is overlooked. Commercial selling, spamming, redirecting of people to external sources (for example EBAY, another website or tackle shop) to promote or sell product is verboten...

So again, sorry to be a crapper here but rules are the rules and we are trying to be fair to our members and the sponsors. We have a Fantastic community here, and for one, I'd hate to see people take advantage of our members.



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