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Three questions from a Canal beginner

Today I caught my first stripers out of the Cape Cod Canal -- probably all between 3-7 pounds, I'd guess, which isn't any great shakes for most folks but was a great way to break the ice, as far as I'm concerned.

But I have three questions that someone with more experience can surely help me with.

1. I can understand why some people love the super braids, particularly for its ability to transmit what's going on with your lure/bait. In those swirling currents, anything that can help your "feel" would be worth it. But I got hung up (just once) and had to break off, which was not all that hard since I was using 15 lb. mono. Just how exactly do you break off 50-lb. braid? (I'm asking this seriously; maybe it's obvious, but I do worry about it.)

2. Also, it wasn't much of a problem with schoolies of course, but if I had to land a bigger fish on those slippery rocks, I would have needed something better than the cheap, imitation Boga grip I had. What do most people use? The real Boga? A gaff? something else?

3. Finally, I did what I saw most fisherman doing today, namely fished from (more or less) dry rocks, however little room there was to swing the rod behind me (it was steep). Would it make more sense to wear waders and fish from lower down? (I'm thinking it might also make landing a bigger fish a little easier. But I didn't see anyone doing that today. Maybe everyone knew there weren't going to be any keepers caught today...)

Thanks for all suggestions/help.

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