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Forum set up

Well I for one am very happy to see this forum come to fruition.
I think after all the best, worst, overplayed, blah, blah posts go by, which I do enjoy, I think we need to have a little structure. Not sure all will agree, if we did it would be a first, but some categories maybe.
Like Rock, Jazz, fusion, bluegrass, showtunes, as we can't leave out Surrey With The Fringe On Top. Larry would be devastated. ,, etc., etc.. That way you can go to a genre you like and exchange music and ideas with like minded fisher people. That way no one is raining on your parade and dising your likes and tastes. Kind of like sub categories. Still have a general area where you can put anything music. I think it would be nice to be able to navigate to something quick.
Also a few categories like guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, triangle, cowbell, whatever floats your boat. That way those specific areas can be delved into. I got a few more ideas to run by the boss, not sure they are even possible. I would enjoy hearing what the others interests are and any ideas you all have. This should,will, be an awesome forum I think. Lets hear em. Paul

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