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Reserve Your Atom Juniors

Last night I got a whole pile of Juniors ready for paint.

Yellow (silver scale) (will do solid yellow, yellow/white, yellow redhead if you don't want the silver scale.)
Silverside - Green top/blue hue, gold fading to silver with white belly, orange/brown highlights.
Guiness - Black with dark "lager" belly
Mullet (scale) - Silver/blue/purple with scale and stripes
Wonderbread - The traditional "pearl-style" wonderbread.
Blueback Herring (scale) - Dark Blue/Black Back, purple & gold below silver scales, white belly, dark highlights
Vintage Herring - Traditional blue/pink/white
Live Bunker (scale) - Olive back with blue/purple highlights, pink and gold below violet hue scales, yellow/gold/white belly.

Thanks All!


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