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How to work a plug

Here is a how to for everyone. It was written by Bassmaster, of Daves Guide Service. Please post all questions on this subject in this thread. DO NOT, I mean DO NOT PM or Email Bassmaster directly. It is on how to work a plug enjoy:

I will start out with a Hard plastic
Bombers, Yozuri, and Mega's ect....
Well You can cast and reel them in Yes....
But If you toss it out and reel fast then stop and then retrieve You may get slammed By a Bass.
REASON , once that plug Hits the water , If there is a Bss with in 20 feet of it there on top of it, And if its just sittin there. They MAY NOT TAKE IT...
Once You start Your retrieve. Jig the plug.
It makes noise and imparts action to the plug.
Allso..... reel fast then stop twitch and start again.... Make the most out of the cast. You will notice Better Numbers of Bass taken...
A few ways I reel are , As I reel' I drop the rod 2" and reel at the same time. It gives the plug action and gets the rattle thing going...
A steady retrieve with a snap in the rod By about 8" Usually works good to.

If Your Plugging and some one is hooking up on eels. Do this.....
Toss it out and let it sit in current then reel slow as to keep the Bomber ,ect. near the top and Give it that slow wiggle...
( I would go to Rubber or needle) But this is about Bombers
also , If You drop Your rod tip down to the sand and side sweep The rod, It gets the plug to dig a little deeper and that little pause and as You reel foward to sweep again, gives a different retrieve speed
Some times I will Toss out a bomber and shake the rod Barely Keeping tension on the Line. then reel and change up...
If You get a hit or Bump. reel fast for 1 or 2 feet and then twitch as You reel in...
And when that plug is in the last curl on the surf Dont Yank it out.. You may get slammed there........
Dave> )))'>~~~~~~~


how to work a plug properly. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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