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How to work a needlefish

Here is a how to for everyone. It was written by Bassmaster, of Daves Guide Service. Please post all questions on this subject in this thread. DO NOT, I mean DO NOT PM or Email Bassmaster directly. It is on how to work a needlefish plug, enjoy:

A needle is a basic lure, It makes a wake.
But there are times when You have to use a needle different, As in Heavy water You would want a large needle the pushes water,
A fast sinker, it will come up top in moving water....
some times the bass will want them sub surface to, with a twitch here and there...
for Now for the most Part let Yac about needles in regular surf conditions...
A stubby is a great one to work just under the water and on top..
One thing I do is either add a porkrind to the tail hook(Hi Slip) to give it action..
Or You can add a colorado blade th the end with a ball bearing swivel. Was Killer last Year. (I need to Make More,But now Im tossing needles with a prop on the front and they are hookin Me up)
There are 3 types of needles Ya should have.
One that plunks down in water and floats.
This is good for calm water...
One that sinks, fow windy and heavy water and when the bass wont hit on top...
and one that is weighted to verticle float
(for gettin it out there)
Its also good for the twitch and doubles as a pencle popper at dusk
For colors Black is tops and Ya cant loose on that color...
then from there You can go to colors say a Yellow In say a bay or in Half Moon building, Heck even in the new Moon, What do I know..........
Black and purple is killer here and a white or a silver black back is awsome....
Black and pink is awsome to.
You Guys should know by now I turn My own wood, so If I blab sorry..
the white stubby is a good sand eel imitation as is the larger needle....
A good size for a needle is from the stubby to 10" at times, for the most part I would say 8 or 9" is the Magic Numbah...
In slow water Your sinking needle will have to be retrieved faster, But May get You more strikes, If not then jump to a slow sinker or floater and reel slow and twitch here and there.
after the Hit.... reel 2 or 3 feet fast, then slow it down again, find out how they want it. Most times You will nail the Bass this way or on the next cast.
When You feel weight set the hook.....
some nights they will come up behind plug and hit it, Most hits come that way, Hence "The Bump"
when they Hit from the side its usually always a set fish.
I run needles with a treble in the rear of the plug. and when its Stupid out there I run with a siwash in the back.
Dark green was an awsome color, Forest green rustolium ,,,
Just a change in color will put out.
and dont forget Parrot on the new moon and on the full moon.
so Get say 3 to 5 Big needles and the same on the stubbie's and cycle through them.
Note If You are tossin plastic and they Hit it slow, Jump to a needle and they should go right at it and go up in size...


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