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What Are/Is "Yak Rats"??

"Yak Rats" is simply an organized group of our own S-B members who happen to be kayak fishermen! The only things you need to join are a kayak, a fishing rod and a desire to have alot of fun with your fellow "Yak Rats"! "Yak Rats" get together for what we call "Scrambles"!

A "Scramble" is a scheduled get together where "Yak Rats" meet at a designated location (we try to always fish new places as a way to broaden our horizons and open us up to so many beautiful areas we are fortunate to have access to) at a designated time to kayak fish and spend the day just enjoying our mutual passions.....kayaking and fishing! We meet mostly on weekends and/or holidays but a "Scramble" can take place whenever 2 or more "Yak Rats" can meet to fish together! The name "Scramble" is used because due to weather considerations. Though most get togethers are scheduled in advance, changes in wind and weather can always be a factor and could alter our plans at the last minute causing us to change locations or "Scramble"! Anyone can organize a "Scramble" and we will have different "Yak Rats" organizing them in different locations this season. Many "Scrambles" will either include a "Lunch" to be brought along or it may be followed by a cookout either at a location nearby or at a fellow "Yak Rats" home.

If anyone has questions about getting together with us please feel free to post your questions in this forum.....all are welcome and we really have a great time with some great people......and "Tagger"!

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Almost time to get our fish on!!!
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