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Classifieds Posting Updates - April, 2011 - minimum 30 posts to sell - minimum 18 y/o

The Classifieds forum here at S-B is a free service to our members (though donations greatly appreciated ). And seeing that membership is FREE, this essentially becomes a Free Classified Forum (hint: though donations greatly appreciated - see below ).

My only requests:
Please conduct yourselves in a honorable manner!! While S-B is not responsible for scams and bad transactions, we encourage quality transactions.
Participate in the forums! To sell in the classifieds you will need a minimum of 30 posts to list an item to sell. Posts in the classifieds do not count. We are a community, we survive by people like you participating in out community.
If you sell something, throw some money into the tip jar every now and then. Sell something big? toss in something a little bigger - do what's fair

Donations can be submitted with PayPal here:
Striped-Bass Fishing | Support S-B donations and advertisers
Or Participate in one of our fund raisers
Or give to one of our veterans drives / fund raisers (we'll have one soon)

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