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Portly Angler 2013

Sorry as I have been super busy, even with several friendly reminders to get my bleep in gear. But we should kick this off soon. Sooooo;

Its that time of year - S-B Portly Angler competition . Have you found yourself in this position before?

  • Waders losing watertight integrity?
  • Looking more and more like a Gray Seal to Great Whites?
  • Wearing your wetsuit on new moons only?
  • Canal Bike slowing down more going up the hills?

Have you been asking yourself:

"Does this wetsuit make me look fat?"

Knock down some of that spare tire, and join S-B members Biggest Friekin' Looser competition a/k/a the Portly Angler

2009 winner - ZachS
2010 winner - JRedfly
2011 winner - Kearp1
2012 winner - NewJack

Cost, is one plug to winner. How will be determined in the next couple weeks.

When does it begin? Officially: Sunday January 13th - Ends Sunday June 2nd.

  • Weekly weigh ins?
  • Track percentage lost with greatest percentage winning.
  • No surgical or like methods. A friend had lap band surgery and lost 80 pounds in a couple months mostly due to the resulting infection that he almost died from. This doesn't mention the nasty operation needed to get the infection under control.

What else?

Who's in:


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