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Calling Jon The Fisherman
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After a very successful and exciting Week 1 where the lead changed hands a few times and some late-inning heroics determined the winners we drive straight into what may prove to be one of the best weeks of the year as far as scores go and one of the toughest as far as the mix of people you're going to run into if you can see the sun at all while you're out.
I was just at M&D's an hour ago and one group from Michigan summed it all up for me...

ME: "Hey Mike, can I grab 2-dozen eels?"
MIKE: "Yup."
MI-MAN1: "You gonna use those for stripers?"
ME: "Mmhmm"
MI-MAN1: "From a boat?"
ME: "Nope from the surf."
MI-MAN1 to MI-MAN2: "That means he fishes from the shore!"
[MI-MAN2 nods enthusiastically]
ME: "Yep. Well, we'll see if I can throw them at all with this wind!"
MI-MAN1: "Why is it windy out there?"
ME: "Yeah, it's howling out there!"
MI-MAN1: "Where is the wind?"
ME: "EVERYWHERE the wind can reach!!?"

Yup, it's gonna be a good one!

So far only two teams have entered fish...

Team GoTight 167
Team Misfits 33

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