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Originally Posted by Got Stripers View Post
Does anyone really feel there is any likelihood people with mental health, depression or radical ideas will reduce? If anything based on the current state of things, the likelihood financial and emotional burdens will radically increase with more large scale climate change induced disasters and the inevitable recession; we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg. But hey manufacture all the AR and high capacity long rifles you can, with the largest capacity magazines you can and while your at it; ask your kids how their shelter in place drills at school are working. Depression is out of control, between the pressures on our kids with social media and bullying, now you have to factor in the impact of fear of school shootings.

Look at the increase in road rage, hit and runs, people just donít give a f*ck any more, letís arm everyone, it will be the wild Wild West.
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We had actual bomb threats at my High School, by militant lefties.

Then get the kids off the XBox, out of their phones, and outside learning to play with others, get them off the effing antidepressants

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^^^ this
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Haha - so with all the crazy people out there if I turn in my rifle, that will make you feel better?

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