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Originally Posted by JohnR View Post
We had actual bomb threats at my High School, by militant lefties.

Then get the kids off the XBox, out of their phones, and outside learning to play with others, get them off the effing antidepressants

Haha - so with all the crazy people out there if I turn in my rifle, that will make you feel better?
If you think parents are suddenly going to understand the dangers of allowing their kids to continue playing the mindless video games that romanticize weapons of all types and desensitizing them to what death is, I think you are dreaming. The internet, smart phones and social media were once a blessing and now may becoming a curse. After bullied Johnny finishes a failed attempt at his favorite shoot them up game after another bad day at school, the lock on daddies gun locker better be able to stop junior with his bolt cutter or torch.
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