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Originally Posted by Guppy View Post
Put in the ShurFlow 4.0 gpm pump today...
It works great, then it doesnít work great... dah
It acts like itís s#^&#^&#^&#^&#^& air, it is s#^&#^&#^&#^&#^& , one minute a ton of pressure the next air mixed in ,,, WTF
No leak on the pressure side.....

Itís getting the water from the live well pump Y fitting ... the lower outlet?
Attachment 66474

Thatís s u c k i n g air
Do you have a value shutting off the route to the livewell pump when youíre using it? Iím not 100%, but it may be that the flow rate of the pump is creating enough pressure at the ďyĒ where youíre sharing the pickup with the livewell pump that itís pulling from both directions at that junction. Turning off the ability for it to backflow air from the livewell pump may help you at least troubleshoot the new unit.
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