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Originally Posted by spence View Post
Looks like Ghadafi won't last long now...

I hope so. Still plenty of time to screw it up. Understand that while Tripoli is a center of gravity it is not THE only center of gravity. Area is very tribal and still plenty of time for a cluster bleep.

Originally Posted by spence View Post
Perhaps shock and awe isn't always the best solution.
Don't be dumb please. I realize you have left a lot of room open for "context" - we expect better even from you than that.

You do realize that this may be the worst managed "coalition" of all time, right? The Coalition of the Willowy. From the massive material support of the individual Euronations. 4 planes here, 5 there, 6 but only on Tuesdays from blank country, Occasional tepid Arab support we'll send some planes, no we won't, maybe we will. Some nations flat out. Some nations opening and closing bases for use. Once (semi)self reliant nations wiping out their annual defense budgets.

France and UK on a weapon sales demo. Many nations using up all of their weapons reserves (though this may be good now that the nations have run out of munitions they are less likely to attack Lichtenstein).

This has been an entire Clusterbleep of stoopid proportion. Maybe the only good thing is that we have a better understanding of how badly our "Partner" nations have crippled themselves over the past 2 decades at the alter of social programs.

The parallels between today and the early 20th century are shocking, except the socialists wield more influence today.

Originally Posted by spence View Post
Who are the rebels again?
Hopefully people that can build something good

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