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Originally Posted by Slipknot View Post
I don't know who "they" I told you earlier - flynn and Manafort - you know those 2 guys in the Trump inner but if you are referring to a politician, then you can call it a lie if you want to, everyone knows politicians lieI don't think every politician lies - Trump constantly does, Pence (like others) hardly at all.. I am not sure what question or context they were asked to be given a proven lie for an answer. Not sure what this has to do with evidence of collusion either. The Russians did what they wanted and put doubt about the election, so they got accomplished their goal and attention is being wasted on the subject looking for a guilty party to punish. There is no evidence Trump had anything to do with russian hacking.I never said he did but everyone who has talked to him states he has never asked about it either which for the Pres. of the US certainly is unusual.

Benghazi was about Americans lost their lives needlessly, the anointed one was negligent in her duties. I don't think those families of the dead are butt hurt, more like looking for justice after the fact.So many, many investigations just to pin some blame on some is ok but an investigation into whether the Russians interfered w/our elections is "witch hunt". - got it.

I did not mention communists in this thread anywhere, you brought that up and John graciously answered that.No, you did in another thread.

Enjoy the weekend
I should have said Bengahzi was a "witch hunt" in post 100, not "butt hurt".

Have a great weekend - slay some fish on the MS!

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