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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
point taken then why not go after Maddox they wont .... and we know why ( and for the record thoses Troops were killed doing their job as well and shouldn't be used as pawns as the 3 in Benghazi were ...

So if you're killed doing your job, no questions should be raised. Even if your job is not actually to kill or be killed. Sounds like excellent moral equivalence.

There "job" was not to be abandoned, defenseless, under chaotic conditions rife with terrorism, lawlessness, and signal warnings of imminent danger. It should not be that simple. Your comment is simple minded (or simplistic to use a word you've liked before) and it certainly isn't fact.

not even close to what happened but i understand your need to repeat the rights version of events ..

Oh, pardon me, I keep forgetting that the lefts version is actually always the correct one. At least the politically correct one.

can you tell me how many people theses men saved by their actions ?? of course you cant because thats not part of the narrative... the right wanted people to think they were the only ones on the ground

US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other US nationals are killed in the attack. More than 30 Americans are evacuated.

Those that were saved has always been acknowledged and been grateful for. Where do you get that it hasn't been?

I find it amazing how you discount the Russian investigation from the start ... but still cling to the Benghazi issue after how many investigations and hearings provided no evidence of the rights claims of what happened
Hey, PaulS brought up Benghazi. You didn't find it amazing when he brought it up. And you weren't shy about adding your opinion about it. It wasn't me who still clings to Benghazi. And where do you get that there is no evidence of the right's claims of what happened? Do you even know what those claims are?
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